Charlie Savage Misleads Representative Gosar's Office On Hit Piece

Last Friday, I interviewed Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) about the media’s non-coverage of Operation Fast and Furious. I brought up Charlie Savage from The New York Times, and Gosar’s communications director told me she had spoken to and exchanged emails with him. Despite the obvious bias of the Times, Gosar’s office hoped that by reaching out to them, Savage would report on the many calls from Congress for answers and accountability on Fast and Furious.

This all relates to his infamous op-ed wherein Attorney General Eric Holder called people like me “racist.” It was an article framed to make Mr. Holder appear to be the victim of a witch hunt. It’s also the only NYT article to mention Fast and Furious which has appeared on the paper’s front page.

Mr. Savage contacted Representative Gosar’s office to ask about the House resolution expressing no confidence in Mr. Holder. Mr. Savage wanted to know which Representatives co-sponsored the resolution and if they were all Republicans. Representative Gosar’s communications director, Apryl Marie Fogel, asked him what his article was about.

Now, when I email and contact someone I want to interview I always, always tell them what my article is about. It’s called “ethics.”

Mr. Savage told Ms. Fogel, “It’s about Holder generally.”

Really, Mr. Savage? I’m rereading your article, and you failed to tell Ms. Fogel she was contributing to a hit piece on her boss and other Republicans? I know you have a liberal bias, but do you really lack all journalistic integrity? I’m not surprised, but I’m very disappointed.