The Media-Created Camelot

Nearly 50 years after his death, the Activist Old Media is still spinning circles to protect the legacy of John F. Kennedy.

Whatever we learn, JFK will be forgiven. He was a  Democrat and a Kennedy. Once Camelot, forever Camelot.

With the recent news of a 19 year old White House intern having her virginity taken by the 45 year old JFK, the apologists were lined up on NBC’s Rock Center (the show has now moved to Wednesday’s because the Monday ratings were horrible—perhaps they should bring Leno back to do it.)

“John Fitzgerald Kennedy remains a mythic figure in American public life and in the memories of so many of us,” said host Brian Williams. Mythic? Is that the word you use after broadcasting an hour of Mimi Alford’s account of the trysts in the White House that included oral sex with at least one member of Kennedy’s Cabinet while JFK watched? “Mythic”? Perverted might be a better word (Alford also claims JFK wanted her to “service” little brother Teddy, but she said no to that; so at there was some decency here).

Williams brought out a panel of leftists to try to repair the damage done to JFK’s legacy.

“People have already factored in that he had other women in his life… it hasn’t changed their fundamental liking for the memory of John Kennedy,” said Doris Kearns Goodwin (leftist historian).

“They (the Kennedy’s) were beautiful and we like to see ourselves reflected in them and I just don’t think that’s going to change,” Richard Reeves (leftist author.)

“Every guy that’s come up through high school has said, I wanna be Jack Kennedy,” commented Chris Matthews (leftist every man.) Agreed Chris—I wanted to be like him in high school too, except the cheerleaders were busy doing their homework and in this case it was a 45 year old man who was getting the cheerleaders. Were he not your favorite President, you might call this something else.

“With it all, the total picture still arouses the country,” Chris continued. Arouse? Like a tingle up the leg arouse? Great choice of words there, Chris. Let’s hire the the sculptors now to get the bust ready for Rushmore—maybe they’ll do a 2-for-1 with Obama in there.

Forever Camelot in the minds of the left—that can never change.

Oh, there’s more.

The news that before the embargo of Cuban products JFK asked Pierre Salinger to buy him as many Cuban cigars as he could. Salinger got 1,200 of them and when they were brought into the Oval Office, Kennedy immediately signed the embargo that is still in place today. Quite the leader there, once he had his Cuban cigars, he was good to go. Regardless of what you think of the embargo, this is a classic abuse of power that is not surprising now that we know the real JFK. Maybe the Rushmore likeness can have him smoking one of those cigars.

Also, while we’re talking legacy here, did you know JFK was the guy who, with his brother Bobby, illegally wiretapped Martin Luther King and that both sat in the White House during the famous “I Have A Dream” speech because they were worried about the political ramifications had they gone to it? Probably didn’t know that, did ya? Hard to see through the aura of Camelot.

“He did what he wanted to do regardless of other people’s feelings and I think that made him strong,” added Matthews. Amazing, ignoring others feelings is now a sign of strength in a President. We’ll expect you to use that same standard on the Republican candidates during this campaign cycle when you spew your venom towards them on MSNBC. Ignoring others feelings is now a sign of strength (when it’s JFK.)  Brilliant. Love to see you mention that when you accuse Mitt Romney of being out of touch. Also—help me out here—were the Kennedy’s wealthy? I forget. Oh ya, that’s right, pops made money as an illegal bootlegger and passed it on to his boys. Camelot.

“What might have been had he lived longer?” continued Kearns Goodwin. Ya, what might have been? Probably a few dozen more women writing books today. But, all the Kennedy historians made it clear that none of this matters, because this is the Great JFK we are talking about here. If only Attila the Hun were a Democrat, all those people would not have been killed. This is “at least Mussolini got the trains to run on time” stuff right here. Which reminds me, Alford also claims that at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis with the Soviets Kennedy told her that, “I’d rather my children be red than dead.” See how history measures that line next to Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty, or give me death.”

The media clearly provided cover for JFK while he was president, and in many ways they are still doing it today. They have too much invested in his legacy. They created it, they must keep it going. It does make you wonder what we might learn (and no, I’m not talking about infidelity here) about the current resident of the White House once his term is over. These are the same “gatekeepers” in the media here. Oh, I guarantee you once Dear Leader is out of office we will learn much more about who Barack Obama really is, and like JFK, the media will discount it and act like they knew it all along. Perhaps they did.

It’s Forever Camelot.