Progressive Media: OWS Storms CPAC And They Blame Breitbart

There have been 417 criminal acts from the Occupy Wall Street movement at various encampments all around the country. Crimes consist of rapes, drug offenses; the Occupy DC crowd has been so unlucky as to have an occupier shoot at the White House and another occupier throw a smoke bomb over its fence. Despite all of this, it is Andrew Breitbart whom the progressive media condemn … for doing nothing but condemn OWS.

[youtube ILZQSmE5Uu0 nolink]

The Atlantic:

The viral video of the weekend was born at 6:15 p.m. on Friday outside the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C., when Occupy D.C. protesters staged a demonstration against the CPAC presentations inside. That’s when conservative internet publisher and confrontational blowhard Andrew Breitbart took matters into his own hands, emerging from the hotel entrance to verbally attack protesters.

I looked for the Atlantic’s piece condemning OccupyDC for screaming obscenities at CPAC attendees, young and old, the teenaged and the elderly, and found not one. I looked for their condemnation of the aforementioned White House shooting and smoke bomb from a member of the group and again, found none. OccupyDC circled the hotel and tried to storm it. They reportedly passed out fraudulent CPAC passes in order to crash the event:

Occupiers then crashed an event on private property, attempted to thwart Sarah Palin’s free speech, and harassed and screamed at attendees. They were paid $60 a day to be there by the AFL-CIO.

All of this happened after an LA occupier gave a good but disingenuous show of wanting discourse between the astroturfed, violent occupy movement and the tea party movement. An hour later they were screaming “f**k you!” and other obscenities at CPAC attendees. So much for discourse.

Media endorsed and encouraged the occupy movement with some of them even joining it outright. The only reason progressive media is offended by Breitbart calling out the occupiers is because it’s just as much an indictment of them as it is of Occupy.

So when can we expect an article discussing “the latest escalation in a series of increasingly histrionic incidents from” the occupy movement?