Cenk Ugyur Lies About Breitbart 'Terror' Remark

This evening, Andrew Breitbart accepted Cenk Uygur’s invitation to appear on Current TV to debate the phenomenon of rape in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. The result was a complete demolition of Uygur, whose ignorance and dishonesty were on full display.

Uygur did not know or care about the well-documented facts about rape and sexual assault at Occupy. He simply wanted to attack Breitbart, and came up with a new and ridiculously false charge: that Andrew Breitbart supports “domestic terror” through journalism.

Uygur made the charge by referring to a remark allegedly made by Breitbart about his own journalism: “It is meant to inflict a maximum amount of damage. It is an act of political and emotional terror.”

Breitbart did not recognize the remark, and challenged Uygur to provide the context, which he eventually did, reluctantly. The fullarticle–from the Huffington Post this morning–reveals that Uygur lied completely about what Breitbart had said. Breitbart had, in fact, been distinguishing his own journalism from tabloid journalism.Here is the full paragraph from the article:

“My problem is that it was about the compliance of the radical gay agenda. My problem is that it’s coercion,” he says, as if his reporting on Weiner, Sherrod, ACORN and others was not driven by any agenda or motive, nor meant to do harm, politically or personally. “I’m not the National Enquirer. I don’t engage in that type of journalism. It is meant to inflict a maximum amount of damage. It is an act of political and emotional terror.”

Uygur lied blatantly and shamelessly, selectively editing the article to smear Breitbart.Note that the article was intended as an criticism of Breitbart–a false one, as noted by Ben Shapiro earlier today–and even the somewhat hostile author did not accuse Breitbart of supporting “terror.”The rest of the interview was a series of old, discredited left-wing memes–from the Tea Party’s attack on black U.S. Representatives (which never happened), to the claim that Breitbart selectively edited video of Shirley Sherrod (which Uygur has evidently never watched).By the end, Uygur was pleading for a commercial break. Uygur thought he had set a trap for Breitbart; he ended up ensnaring himself.