With Uygur Rant & Olbermann Tweet, Al Gore's Current TV Doubles Down on Absurd 'No Rapes at Occupy' Lie

With Cenk Uygur’s abusive rant against Andrew Breitbart, Al Gore’s Current TV network has doubled down on its attempt to deny the fact of rapes at Occupy Wall Street protests.

Keith Olbermann, another Current TV headliner, has also claimed on his program that accusations of rape at Occupy Wall Street protests are “nuts.”

He took to Twitter today to claim that such accusations were “imaginary”:

There’s a mountain of irrefutable evidence, but let’s leave it to the Occupiers themselves to testify–about the rape, and the cover-up that Current TV has evidently joined:

[youtube gGFeJ6gmJAE]

[youtube 8h1M4osgdPs]

Covering up a wave of rapes at Occupy – wouldn’t that make Olbermann the Worst Person in the World?