Uygur Admits 'Mistake' in Selectively Edited Breitbart Quote, Tries to Spin Breitbart as CPAC Aggressor

On his Current TV program this evening, Cenk Uygur–to his credit–admitted that he had made a “mistake” in smearing Andrew Breitbart as a terror supporter. Uygur did not apologize, but credited Big Journalism for pointing out that the quote he had used to attack Breitbart had been taken completely out of context and distorted.

[youtube j4OLL46WJzs]

Uygur then tried to turn the tables, claiming that Breitbart had tried to “filibuster” his questions. Actually, as the video below reveals, it was the opposite: Uygur slung multiple questions at once, then tried to prevent Breitbart from answering them one by one, even while insisting that his guest should deal with the issues one at a time.

Uygur wasn’t done yet: he then tried to cast Breitbart as the aggressor at CPAC, as if the Occupy Wall Street mob hadn’t been besieging the hotel all afternoon, attempting to invade, disrupt, and intimidate. As former Washington, DC prosecutor Jeffrey Scott Shaprio–who was on the scene at CPAC–has noted:

The Occupy protestors were literally holding conservatives or any well-dressed guest captive inside the hotel, shouting and acting in a hostile and intimidating manner-even screaming profanities at women who merely came outside to make a phone call, smoke a cigarette or, God forbid, catch a cab to another capitalist juncture.

They were inciting, intimidating and obstructing.

The Occupiers were not supposed to cross the public street and trespass onto private hotel property, but by Friday evening that’s exactly what they did. It was intimidation, pure and simple. Their implied message was: we’re tougher than you and there are more of us so you’d better think twice before coming outside.

Not even Uygur’s sympathetic guest, Emily Crockett, agreed with him. Brought onto the show to attack Breitbart, she admitted that the Occupy protestors had started the hostilities. The best she could do was shift blame to the police and suggest that Breitbart had responded to the demonstration at a relatively calm moment.Crockett did not bother to repeat her false claim that Breitbart had been “drunk” at CPAC, nor did Uygur ask her about it–but Current TV’s Keith Olbermann willingly repeated the lie in the program that followed.More on that–and Olbermann’s failed attempt to debunk well-documented cases of rape and sexual assault at Occupy–to follow.