Mediaite's Tommy Christopher Dismisses Occupy Behavior That Leads to More Rapes

Mediaite and certain members of their staff are rather infamous for their hostility towards women. In the past, they’ve specifically targeted Governor Sarah Palin, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, stay-at-home-moms, and our own Dana Loesch. Also, and most of you won’t remember this (but I do), Mediaite has a history of attempting to spin violence done to innocents by leftists into something that might be heroism. But that sound you heard wasn’t Mediaite hitting bottom, it was merely Mediate hitting the rungs of the ladder on the way to the bottom.

Yesterday, in a pathetically transparent effort to protect the Obama-endorsed Occupy Wall Street movement from a brewing narrative that might finally expose their well-documented history of rapes and sexual assaults (and the covering up of those rapes and sexual assaults) Mediaite published no fewer than three stories that rationalized, parsed, spun, and danced circles around … RAPE.

From where I sit, according to Mediaite (and Keith Olbermann), apparently there are a certain number of rapes or certain types of rapes or a way to explain rapes that doesn’t make rape quite so rapey. I guess that when an Obama-endorsed movement rapes, it’s not rape-rape. It’s some sort of social justice program that redistributes wealth through the occupation of a teenage vagina.

Anyway, of all the horror Mediate published yesterday, this is what hit me hardest:

Exhibit A: Breitbart blogger Lee Stranahan asserts, in his Olbermann-shaming blog post, that there has been a pattern of Occupy protests covering up rapes. He offered, as evidence of such a “cover-up,” this video, misleadingly titled “Sexual Assault: ‘nobody should contact the police’.”

What actually happens in that video is that an Occupy organizer tells protesters that their policy is that “if the (sexual assault) survivor wants to contact the police, contact the police. If the survivor doesn’t want to contact the police, nobody should contact the police.”

Exhibit B: Stranahan cites, as evidence of a cover-up, a story in which the victim of a sexual assault decided not to alert police.

Exhibit C: Stranahan lists two separate stories, from Boston and Baltimore, about an Occupy pamphlet that actually said sexual assault survivors have “every right, and the support of” the Occupy movement, to contact the police. It also said, ill-advisedly, that “we do not encourage the involvement of the police in our community.”

That’s really bad, and a stark misplacement of priorities, but it ain’t a “cover-up.”

Of course it’s a cover up, and covering up or not reporting a crime is a crime.  And not reporting a rape is an abomination that only adds to a culture of silence that works in favor of the rapists. There is no better ally to a rapist than silence. 

But even though another rape victim might be an obvious consequence of covering up these crimes, Mediaite’s Christopher can only declare this behavior “ill-advised” and a “misplacement of priorities.”

Yes, according to the left, allowing a raping rapist to remain on the loose so he’s free to rape another innocent is — when you’re talking about a movement endorsed by Barack Obama — nothing more than a “misplacement of priorities.”

Christopher is more than capable of self-righteous outrage and indignation and frequently beclowns himself in public while proving it. But when it comes to protecting Barack Obama, all Christopher can summon in the face of  behavior and actions that might allow a rapist to rape again is a good, solid … “ill-advised.”

Yesterday, Christopher said — and this is a quote — that Andrew Breitbart “doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the women who were raped.”

Talk about projection.

By the way, have you noticed that it’s almost only men wrist-flicking and rationalizing these Occupy rapes? Keith Olbermann, Tommy Christopher, Markos Moulitsas, Cenk Uygur…?