Occupy Women's Pants: Debunking Keith Olbermann's Pathetic Defense of Rape

Keith Olbermann published a weak spin of his defense of rapists and exploitation of women’s bodies for political profit. His excuse? No one who did the raping and attacking was identified as an Occupier. Really? How are people not at Occupy protests raping people?

Let’s examine Olbermann’s premise:

Occupiers were the victims. Perpetrators were not Occupiers.

From the Village Voice:



​A 26-year-old Occupy Wall Street kitchen worker named Tonye Iketubosin was arrested today in connection to two sexual assaults in Zuccotti Park. The first is the rape of an 18-year-old girl whom Iketubosin invited to share his tent on Saturday morning; the second, the groping of a 17-year-old.

Iketubosin is a Crown Heights native and had reportedly been working in the OWS kitchen for about a week.

Gothamist found another kitchen worker who said that Iketubosin went by the name “Tonye Parks” and that “He was a genuinely nice guy…he came to get shit done.”

Iketubosin is being charged with sexual abuse, according to DCPI.

Hold up — Keith Olbermann assured us on the show above public access that this simply wasn’t true. But the NYP wrote of it as well. Yikes. Looks like Olbermann was wrong.

Surely that’s all. Just one rogue rape from one rogue Occupier, right?


A 19 year-old student in Cleveland is telling police that she was raped in a tent at an Occupy Cleveland rally in Public Square by a man known as “Leland.” The accuser alleges that she attended the Occupy Cleveland protest on Oct. 15 and was directed by organizers to sleep in Leland’s tent.

Wait — Leland had a tent at the Occupy camp? He was an Occupier? OK, OK, a couple incidents involving Occupiers raping other Occupiers. No big deal, right?

Sure, if you think RAPE is no big deal.

There’s more:

The 22-year-old woman whose report to police was later described to the media as a possible sexual assault said she had gotten into an argument Friday night with her boyfriend at the Inner Harbor and wound up in a tent with a 29-year-old who said he was part of Occupy Baltimore.

When she woke up, according to what she told police, “the cheek on her buttocks was sore and she did not remember what happened.” She also said an $1,800 wad of cash she’d been clutching (from “a settlement”) was gone, according to the report. The woman was transported to Mercy Hospital where a precautionary exam was conducted.

What? Another Occupier raping an Occupier?

But Keith Olbermann says none of this happened. These women are liars. He stops short of saying they deserved it.

Olbermann has also spent the last 24 hours running from my question:

Debunk this, Olbermann:

Occupy Portland General Assembly instructs sexual assault witnesses to provide no information to police without the direct consent of the “survivor.”

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What say you, Olbermann? And don’t take another day to dodge the facts.