Thursday Crib Sheet: MMfA Occupies MSNBC, Rape Defenders

– Media Matters Occupies the MSNBC newsroom:

Just in recent weeks, there have been several examples. Two MSNBC hosts who have recently, and regularly, used the organization’s content for their programming are Ed Schultz of “The ED Show” and Al Sharpton of “PoliticsNation.”


But Schultz may have had some help from Media Matters’ Simon Maloy. On February 8, Maloy posted “The Roots of Bin Laden Denialism” on MMfA’s “County Fair” blog critiquing the Fox News Channel host’s remarks.

“Sean, look, stop with the distractions,” Schultz said. “Hannity claims torture helped find bin Laden, but he’s wrong — very wrong.”

That clip of Schultz also found its way to the Media Matters website.

Battling “conservative misinformation in the media?” Sounds like this 501c(3) is instead pushing propaganda, oftentimes on behalf of a certain politician.

– When you don’t report rape, other people will get raped and rapists will feel immunity. Think about that, Keith Olbermann, Markos Moulitsas, Tommy Christopher and others who claim that those calling out the rapists — when these individuals outright refuse to do so — is somehow “not caring” about the rape victims. Progressives are covering up attacks on women, which contributes to a culture of rape and empowers RAPISTS, not VICTIMS.

– I wish these so-called “feminists” would as much attention to the rape culture in progressivism as outlined above, as opposed tofreaking out over fewer women choosing jobs in media.

– Jennifer Rubin has an inability to differentiate between what a candidate believes personally and what he believes is enactable, Constitutionally, by a President.

– Bill O’Reilly rhetorically pins Matt Lauer to the wall: ‘Whitney Huston was a drug addict and you sensationalized it.’