NBC's Chuck Todd Previews How Media Will Team With #Occupy to Hammer Obama's GOP Challengers

At the top of his MSNBC show the other day, Chuck Todd was good enough to offer us all a preview of how the corrupt media intends to use the lawless, Obama-endorsed Occupy movement to throw the GOP off message and portray them as hapless and not ready for primetime. 

While you’re watching Todd’s transparent propaganda below, take a moment to think about the obvious: How Todd would’ve reported this had it been Tea Partiers disrupting and glitter-bombing Barack Obama:


So let’s break down what Chuck Todd is intentionally doing to encourage Occupy to disrupt GOP events: 

1. Todd is sending a loud and clear message of approval to Obama-endorsed Occupy thugs: If you successfully disrupt a GOP event, not only will we reward you with media coverage, we’ll start a narrative about how your thuggery proves the GOP challenger isn’t ready for prime-time.

2. Todd is telling Occupy: If you successfully disrupt a GOP event, I’ll be sure to report it with a chyron that reads: “Occupy Protesters Draw Santorum Off Message.”

3. Todd is encouraging Occupy with this message: If you successfully disrupt a GOP event, the only clip I’ll run of the GOP challenger’s message and speech is the one where he’s futilely attempting to speak over you.

4. Todd is telling Occupy to keep it up with this message:  If you successfully disrupt a GOP event, I’ll blame the hapless GOP challenger for allowing you to throw him off message.

5. With this message, Todd is telling Occupy they succeeded: If you successfully glitter-bomb a GOP challenger, I’ll be sure to report it while shaking my head at how unready the GOP is for the bigtime.

We all know that had the Tea Party ever shouted down or, God forbid, glitter-bombed President Obama, that the corrupt media would’ve engaged in a rampage to make sure such a thing completely backfired against the GOP. The corrupt MSM also would’ve also demanded that every Republican under the sun condemn the behavior.

Barack Obama ENDORSED Occupy Wall Street and now Occupy is disrupting GOP events. But rather than ask Democrats or Obama to condemn this behavior, Todd is intentionally telling Occupy that they now hold the power to create negative narratives around any threat to Barack Obama.

And that’s what Chuck Todd did with his segment, he empowered the Obama-endorsed Occupiers to embarrass the GOP because their thuggery doesn’t reflect on them or Obama or the Democrats, Instead, their thuggery proves that the GOP challenger isn’t ready to be president.

Chuck Todd’ may be one of  the bad guys, but he’s not dumb. This was a genius move on his part.