Presidents Day Crib Sheet: SNL Flubs Birth Rates, ESPN Fires Staffer For Slur

– Amy Poehler: “We need contraception. There are too many people.”

Except there aren’t. All over the birth rates are declining. We already have a government too big for our population, pretty soon ourgovernment will out-populate our population. It negatively affects our economy in a number of ways. Mark Steyn in his bookAmerica Alone discussed how in certain countries, such as Italy, the birth rate is so low that in one generation, the vision of the big happy Italian family eating around the table will be extinct. In Russia birth rates are so low the Russian government proposed paying couples to have sex “for Putin.” If Poehler herself believes that there are too many people on earth, why did she procreate?

– Howard Kurtz fails to trap Daily Caller editor over MMfA bombs. MMfA, which vows to “correct conservative misformation” in the press, has gone an entire week without saying a thing.

– ESPN writer fired for for slur defends himself on Twitter.

– Is Fox News shifting to the left? I wonder if conservatives will pitch fits and call for the firing of the progressive commentators on the show the way the left bleats daily about CNN and its conservative commentators.

– Newsrooms, not newspapers.

– Media goes on the attack agains Rick Santorum over his Obama-faith comments. Santorum remarked that Obama’s policies — government in place of God, abortion — were not reflective of the faith Obama claims. I’m interested in seeing the media, or any progressive for that matter, make the argument that it is somehow.