Progressives Struggle to Understand Cause and Effect

Since President Obama’s inauguration, progressives have campaigned for government-controlled health care and government enforced mandates. After the Virginia legislation, about which has been horribly misrepresented by Soros blogs, progressives got their wish: government mandated health care, even if the “health care” in question is infanticide. Now progressives are upset that after years of lobbying the government to tell them what to do, the government does, and they don’t like it. Somehow it’s all conservatives’s fault.

The Soros version of Live Journal, Think Progress, posted a 41-second clip of my three-hour radio show wherein I discussed the lefty outrage. They’ve tried to silence my voice because I illustrated their hyperbole, which not a single progressive has debunked or can. It’s easier to make up something fantastical and try to suppress my voice as opposed to either debate or admit logical defeat. (After filling my timeline up screaming about rape all day yesterday, only four progressives out of the hundreds calling “rape!” actually condemned this actual Occupy rape.)

Here’s the thing: no one is forcing women in Virginia to get abortions. Don’t get an abortion and you don’t have to worry about any sort of mandated ultrasound. In fact, you’re free to choose numerous forms of birth control to avoid pregnancy so as to avoid the decision of infanticide which would necessitate some form of ultrasound. Surely progressives aren’t trying to argue that government mandates pregnancy, too, or intercourse? Virginia, to my knowledge, doesn’t have a law prohibiting women’s access to birth control.

This is what happens when you invite government into doctors’s examination rooms and expect the government to pay for your abortions. You can’t demand that the government pay your way while simultaneously demanding independence from the entity as it empowers you. When your sustainability is derived from the government, the government controls you, sets the regulations, establishes the mandates. What — progressives are having conservative second thoughts now?

If they classify ultrasounds (there’s more than one, and transvaginal isn’t mentioned in the law) as “rape,” then what do they think of the abortion procedure itself? It’s much worse.