The New 'Potatoe?' Biden to Visit 'Road Island'

Remember this?

[youtube Wdqbi66oNuI nolink]

Famous moment. I was in seventh grade when it happened and remember it well. Our dutiful teacher made sure to use it in the lessons for the next few days. Dan Quayle is actually an exceptionally bright man who had an unfortunate mishap at the chalkboard with an unnecessary vowel. Joe Biden, the fun Homer Simpson of the Obama Administration, has suffered far greater gaffes; the latest from the administration on his behalf. Two words: “Road Island.”

The White House recently announced that the Vice President would be attending campaign events in “Road Island.”

I’ve heard far more reporting about Santorum’s gaffe, Romney’s hair, and Gingrich’s Tiffany credit line than this.

Of course, there are other Bidenisms. He has a thing with Indian Americans.

[youtube gzuGFyMM5h8 nolink]

[youtube OIT3jUrNTX0 nolink]

Some funny gaffes from the current administration, most of which weren’t widely reported:

[youtube bqUmuZnmf7A nolink]

[youtube ZxBX8sz3tO8 nolink]

[youtube cxxxGUeZtno nolink]

[youtube EpGH02DtIws nolink]

[youtube bNr66HHhMjs nolink]

Everyone is human thus everyone makes mistakes. The difference is that these mistakes are routinely and unfairly used by the press to cast republican presidents and candidates as idiots yet democrat presidents and candidates are shielded from such reproach.

*Edited to reflect proper grade.