Ed Schultz Falsely States Transvaginal Ultrasounds Are Mandated In VA Law

Ed Schultz on his show played the shortest excerpt Soros bloggers could get of my radio show without proving themselves wrong (41-seconds of a three hour broadcast, two hours of which was commentary on this specific issue) and falsely stated that the Virginia bill mandates a transvaginal ultrasound:

“.. another bill would require women seeking abortions would require a highly invasive transvaginal ultrasound first.”


Here is a screencap of the section of the Virginia law as it relates to ultrasounds:

Here is a link to the full Virginia law.

I ask that Ed Schultz prove to me and his audience that transvaginal ultrasounds are mandated in this law. Furthermore, I ask that Ed Schultz prove why I received an abdominal ultrasound in my first trimester (due to a health concern) and not a TVU, as he operates under the assumption that TVUs are the only alternative. Since so many progressives, the majority of them men, are curious as to what is happening below my waist: yes, after a health scare a year ago, I had a TVU. No, it’s not rape and the comparison — as stated by a rape survivor on my show today — is offensive and desensitizes against the severity of actual rape. A woman can choose whether or not to receive an ultrasound in Virginia. A woman being raped is enduring the offense against her will.

Transvaginal ultrasounds are also not anything close to what a woman endures undergoing an abortion when a vacuum (or forceps) is inserted into the vagina and a live baby dismembered and sucked out through the hose.

Sorry, was that graphic? I didn’t mean to interrupt progressive’s romanticization of infanticide.

That was the point I was making in the clip that was conveniently limited to 41 seconds. Also this. The patriarchy couldn’t have a woman making a point against the anti-woman culture they promote on the left.

I also demand that Ed Schultz explain why there was no outrage directed towards Virginia Planned Parenthood clinics mandating ultrasounds in their offices (not for the sake of the mothering hearing her child’s heartbeat, but for the abortionist to better gauge the baby’s size). The Planned Parenthood clinics in Virginia mandate ultrasounds just like the VA law but there is no progressive outrage, why?

Let’s see if Schultz has the guts to tell the truth and answer these questions. I’m guessing he’d rather suppress the truth from his audience. Lying by omission is the only way he can present himself as credible. Schlutz needs to correct his falsehood.