Religious Broadcasters Call for IRS to Investigate Media Matters

The Daily Caller reported last week that Media Matters, the progressive-fascist group funded by wealthy leftists to silence anyone who dare fail to meet their political purity test, received a $50,000 grant to “fact-check” religious broadcasters. Coincidentally, last November, religious broadcasters found themselves under attack from the FCC, when their exemption to closed captioning regulations, which is very expensive, was revoked.

According to the Caller, “The grant came in 2006 from the ARCA Foundation, a 60-year-old philanthropy that funds Democratic causes. The foundation gave Media Matters the $50,000 “to support a Religious Broadcasting Project to expand the monitoring and fact checking of religious broadcasts.”

This week, the target of these actions struck back.

The organization National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) called for the IRS to launch an investigation into Media Matters to see they violated the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

The Christian Post reports Craig Parshall, NRB Senior Vice President and General Council as saying, “We are firm believers in the freedom of the press and the First Amendment. That means every press on the left side of the political spectrum, on the right, the middle and everyone in between. It also means that we got to be legitimate journalists, which means we cover stories rather than trying to destroy other media outlets.”

Trying to destroy “other media outlets” and individuals is exactly what Media Matters does.

As the curtain is pulled back and more of Media Matters’s actions see the light of day, expect more of these sorts of calls — but don’t expect the IRS to act on them, at least not yet.

Like the Justice Department and the National Labor Relations Board, expect the politicization of every aspect of this Administration to continue.

The close association (coordination) between the Obama Administration and supposed non-political Media Matters is well documented. Meetings and weekly phone calls between the White House and Media Matters have been exposed, and appear to be a clear violation of the tax-exempt status. But no one believes this administration will seek a serious investigation into one of their favored mouthpieces.

Congress may, but given the White House’s willingness to thwart and ignore Congressional oversight powers, and the mainstream media’s disinterest in anything that could shine an unflattering light on leftists (SEE: their reluctance to report Weinergate till it couldn’t be ignored, Fast & Furious, Solyndra, etc., etc.), don’t expect much to come from it.

It will take a new administration, one more interested in the rule of law than their agenda, to truly look into the alleged illegality of Media Matters. Whether that happens in 2013 or 2017, that day will come. Just imagine the fun when it does.

Until that day, the more groups, individuals and Members of Congress who follow the lead of the NRB and call for an investigation into Media Matters the further the curtain will be peeled back, and the more the cause of liberty will be bolstered.