Tuesday Morning Crib Sheet: Actual VA Law Remains Undisputed, Alan Colmes's Gyno Fantasies

– Day three and progressives still have yet to counter the fact that Virginia’s law, does not in fact, require transvaginal ultrasounds, aka “rape” to progressives. Don’t ask them what that makes abortion, if an ultrasound is “rape.” Granted, the law doesn’t involve having the mother listen to the baby’s heartbeat, but in the bare context of ultrasounds and women’s bodies, Planned Parenthood does virtually the same as the VA law. CUe progressives screaming about rape at Planned Parenthood in 3 … 2 … never.

– It’s been over a week since the Daily Caller began publishing bombs on Media Matters. We’re concerned that Eric Boehlert has lost his job seeins as there have been no stories on Media Matters correcting Daily Caller’s “conservative misinformation.” A source says they’re too busy counting all the money they got from Goldman Sachs.

– Why is Alan Colmes talking about Sarah Palin’s gyno matters? That’s level “Step In My Van For Some Candy” creepy.

– Breitbart, Inc. owns Keith Olbermann in “rape gate.”

– The only people shocked by Putin paying bloggers to wage propaganda war are the people paid by the Kremlin to act shocked.

– Santorum:

[youtube FuyfLKREgUE nolink]

“Maybe we’re in an era where you just can’t have the people go out and talk with the candidates and listen to what they’re concerned about and answer the questions that people have because the media will use that and twist it against you.”

– Liz Colville at Wonkette spends more time trying to enviously cut down Loesch than she does intelligently countering Loesch and other conservatives’s proof that the VA law doesn’t require TVUs. Yes, this is the same Wonkette that made fun of a child with disabilities and lost all their advertisers. They don’t have anything in the way of actual editorial talent over there.

– Breitbart: Media and protesters not playing defense on Occupy rapes.

– Occupy Maine debuts TV show. I’m sure it won’t be shown on corporate airwaves, corporately-controlled broadband, using corporately-made equipment. I’m also sure that if hell froze over and someone picked it up, they would refuse they paycheck so as to avoid the impropriety of “selling out.”

– Head of Media Relations for HuffPo leaves to start new agency.

– The Graph discovers the background of a professor of education at Towson University who called Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch a “douche” and “conservadouche” on Twitter over his lack of knowledge on VA ultrasound law:

Earlier today, I spoke with Shaun’s supervisor, Karen Robertson, the chair of his department, after I spoke with someone in the Towson University Provost’s office about this matter. I told Ms. Robinson about the incident, and her first words were, “Oh dear, this is very unfortunate”, and she asked me if there was any proof of the profs purposely pitiful poltroonery. I told her that Shaun had deleted his tweet, but I had anticipated such, and had taken a screenshot of it. She asked me to email the screenshot to her and I did. Ms. Robertson has since responded via email stating, “I have passed your information and email on to the Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Ray Lorion.  He is working with upper administrators at Towson to determine the next steps in this situation.  I will keep you posted about what transpires and how this situation is settled.”

– Newsweek is under fire for language not suitably “family-friendly.” Citizens Against Creepy Princess Diana Photoshop (CACPDP) not far behind in condemnation.-