Sound Bite of the Day: Jake Tapper Challenges Jay Carney On "Aggressive Journalism"

This, this is how the press should behave with the administration, with any administration, with any politician. Adversarial. Our administration shouldn’t reverse this role with the press and go a step further by punishing them for it. An abridged free press compromises one of the country’s greatest strengths.

[youtube VvuwNUSVrNA nolink]

Tapper is exactly right. Carney was giving hollow praise to reporters overseas doing things for which they’d be persecuted here. There are numerous examples other than the ones Tapper gives:

Eric Holder points his finger at a Daily Caller reporter after the reporter asked about Fast and Furious. Holder then blamed Fast and Furious, the program in which the Obama administration sold weapons to Mexican drug cartels which ended up killing over 300 Mexicans and US border patrol agent Brian Terry, on the media and racism. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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My favorite part is NPR’s Mara Liasson in the background who makes dramatic faces to let people know she disapproves of Tapper questioning the Obama administration.

I’m not sure why Liasson would make faces at Tapper’s questioning, unless she finds the soft persecution of the media OK or nonexistent, which, if the latter, speaks poorly of her skills as a news gatherer.