Sunday Morning Crib Sheet: John Stossel's Lemonade Experiment, Trolling Takes a Hit

– John Stossel tries to legally open a lemonade stand, fails:

Tourists told me they couldn’t believe that I had to get “all those permits.” A Pakistani man said: “That’s crazy! You should move to Pakistan!”

But I don’t want to move to Pakistan.

– So will Touré apologize for playing the race card with Herman Cain?

– No, Charles Blow didn’t apologize, he “regretted” that you were offended by his comment. The NYT can stop cheerleading now.

– A Kennedy, also a reporter, is charged with assault.

– The law still applies to comments section, as this story about the arrest of a Gothamist columnist proves.

– In more bad news for Internet Tough Guys: an anonymous Twitter user who threatened Rep. Bachmann will lose his anonymity.

A federal district court judge ruled this week that a federal grand jury is allowed to subpoena the identity of a Twitter user who threatened Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.).

The man, who was notified by Twitter of the request, had asked the court to quash the request to protect his identity.

What? You mean the guy tough enough to make the threats suddenly becomes shy when the consequence of his behavior comes back on him?

– Art imitates life: Obama hires the director of “An Inconvenient Truth” to direct a campaign film about him.