Politico Covers Up Obama Anti-Palin Selective Edit

Politico Covers Up Obama Anti-Palin Selective Edit

Yesterday, we explored the Obama campaign’s ad against Sarah Palin featuring heavy selective editing to take her comments about President Obama out of context. As we pointed out, the ad cut out all discussion of both Bill Maher’s nasty language about Gov. Palin and President Obama’s association with Derrick Bell. And last night, Gov. Palin commented on the ad herself, writing:

The far Left continues to believe American voters are not smart enough to grasp the diversionary tactics it employs to distract us from the issues our President just doesn’t want to talk about – issues that affect us all every day and must be addressed. Exhibit A in these diversionary tactics is an absurd new attack ad President Obama has released taking my comments out of context ….

This latest ad is quite odd, but also quite telling. It shows that our President sure seems fearful of discussing the economy, energy prices, and all the other problems people need addressed. And intended or not, now that his ad opens up the discussion of Barack Obama’s radical past associations and the radical philosophy that shaped his ideas about his promised “fundamental transformation” of our country, I welcome the media to join ordinary Americans in finally vetting Barack Obama.

Today, Politico reported on the controversy, and in doing so, presented “the full comments from Palin’s March 8 interview with Hannity.” The only problem: the remarks they present aren’t close to full. In fact, they don’t mention either Bill Maher or Derrick Bell either. So Politico, even when covering the controversy, refused to give the context. Leave it to the liberal media to cover a story about selective editing … and selectively edit in the process to protect President Obama. This is why we have to vet the media as well as the president.