And MSM Wonders Why So Many Think Obama Is Socialist

And MSM Wonders Why So Many Think Obama Is Socialist

A recent poll showed that an eye-popping 59% of likely voters find that Obama is more liberal they they are themselves. Following on the heels of this is a recent interview given by Elle MacPherson to Howard Stern. Because when I want to know about US policy I’ll ask a foreign model. Still, she’s a pop-culture figure and politics is downstream from pop-culture. She tells Stern that she loves Obama and is a socialist:

STERN: You like Obama? 

MACPHERSON: Yeah, I’m living in London and I’m socialist. What do you expect?  

So she’s a socialist and Stern shouldn’t be surprised that she, a socialist, likes Obama and wants him to win? It’s comical to me that a model who makes her living off of capitalism endorses socialism when she’s not required to live by it. It’s a good thing she makes her money from her looks. 

Yet when conservatives categorize Obama’s actions of nationalizing the auto industry, health care as socialist, they’re demonized.