CNN's Obeidallah Defends Political Speech By Demanding Limbaugh Be Fired

CNN's Obeidallah Defends Political Speech By Demanding Limbaugh Be Fired

Now that left-wing comedians Bill Maher and Louis C.K. are feeling the blowback from the White House’s cynical war against a non-existent “war on women,” CNN commentator/comedian Dean Obeidallah is rushing to their defense with lofty rhetoric:

I mean there is this war on comedy going on and I think that’s a war we have to get out of much sooner than years and years later. It’s not helpful, and especially when it comes to political comedy, and political figures, you know what? We have a great tradition in America of using comedy to raise issues, to challenge the status quo, challenge people in power, and I’m afraid that this kind of war on comedy is going to stifle that.

And my personal favorite line:

Political comedy must be protected like political speech. It’s that important.

Here’s some video:



Wow, he sounds shockingly reasonable, doesn’t he?

I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I hate this war too, and always say so in any write-up about it.

The only problem here is that it’s neo-fascists like Obeidallah who started this war. Earlier in the month, he wasn’t the same fierce and principled defender of “political speech.” In this CNN segment, Obeidallah demands that political speech be snuffed out in the form of taking Rush Limbaugh off the air:

“This is just like Don Imus’s comments. Rush Limbaugh should be fired.” 

But-but-but I thought political speech was sacred?

But only some political speech. You won’t hear Obeidallah demand MSNBC’s Ed Schultz be fired for using the exact same language Rush did. That’s because Obeidallah only believes political speech he agrees with should be protected.

Apparently, Obeidallah’s full-time job is as a comedian. Just what America needs, another comedian calling for less political speech not more. Doesn’t this guy know Colbert and Stewart already filled those positions?  Guys like Obeidallah, Stewart, and Colbert are cancers on everything comedy once stood for. By the way, that spinning sound you hear is coming from the graves of Lenny Bruce and George Carlin.

The good news is that left-wing speech oppressors like Obeidallah are now running scared. Rush is holding on just fine, but Maher and Louis C.K. aren’t weathering the storm nearly as well. Louis C.K. had to give up a prestigious gig, and Obama’s right-hand Chicago-man, David Axelrod, changed his mind about appearing on Maher’s HBO show. Then there’s the matter of the $1 million accepted by a pro-Obama super PAC from Bill — Sarah Palin is a ‘c*nt’ — Maher. Yep, Maher’s either going to get a refund or Republicans are going to make hay straight through to November.

Another lose-lose for the hypocritical Left. 

The Left is losing a war they themselves started because they based it on the premise of how women are treated when all the worst offenders are on their side, and not just political comedian/commentators like Maher and anchor types at MSNBC and CurrenTV. 

The Right is on offense, the Left is on defense, and Obama is at 47% approval and falling.

If this keeps up, I just might have to stop hating this war.