Media Matters Hypocrites Try to Have It Both Ways on Twitter

Media Matters Hypocrites Try to Have It Both Ways on Twitter

Media Matters for America senior foreign policy fellow M.J. Rosenberg is in trouble over his Twitter feed again–not for antisemitism (this time), but for attacking Matt Drudge over a photo of Trayvon Martin that Rosenberg claimed was false. 

Rosenberg later apologized–but when Fox News asked Media Matters for comment, a spokesperson attempted a truly bizarre equivocation (emphasis added):

A spokeswoman for Media Matters, a non-profit organization that professes to correct what it considers conservative bias in the media, declined to comment. But the spokeswoman noted Rosenberg’s Twitter feed does not necessarily reflect his employer’s views.

Really? Is that why Media Matters and its employees routinely attack conservatives and the organizations for which they work over what they say on Twitter? 

Is that why the Center for American Progress, a close Media Matters ally, attacks conservatives for what their spouses say on Twitter?

In any case, in January, Media Matters refused to back away from Rosenberg’s antisemitic tweets about “Israel firsters,” according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

Rosenberg deferred comment on this matter, directing queries to Ari Rabin-Havt, Media Matters’ executive vice president. In an interview, Rabin-Havt said the terminology was beside the point.

“When we’re talking war and peace, the facts that tweets come up is symbolic of how the conversation has gone awry,” said Rabin-Havt, who said the survival of Israel was critical to him personally. “We should debate this. As Israel is one of our largest recipients of foreign aid, this is an American and Israeli issue.”

Media Matters is trying to have it both ways on Twitter. It’s not satisfied that liberals have home field advantage when they debate conservatives in the mainstream media. It wants to rig the rules so that conservatives can’t play at all–because it’s terrified that conservatives will win.