'Soft-Boiled Babies': Left-Wing Org Cracks Graphic Koch Joke

'Soft-Boiled Babies': Left-Wing Org Cracks Graphic Koch Joke

Brave New Media is a far-left group that produces short attack videos aimed at various conservatives. Recently someone from BNM left a message for Kochindustries asking for a chance to screen their latest attack piece and get reaction to it. Unfortunately for the caller, he forgot to hang up the phone after the call:


Woman Producer: How was that? 

Jesse Lava: Well, gave it a try. 

Producer: What do you think Charles Koch eats for breakfast? 

Lava: Babies? 

Producer: I agree…Babies. 

Lava: Yeah, like soft boiled babies. Scrambled…scrambled babies. 

Producer: Awesome. Okay. That was fantastic. I just want you to call back, um, just say I want to speak with you about the cancer… just so we have a second take because there was so much siren when you were talking.

Note the end of the tape. The woman, who is apparently a producer, wants another take to ensure they have good audio. In other words, this call was probably intended to be part of some production in which the earnest and sincere filmmakers call Koch industries and are shocked, shocked when they get no response. The jokes about scrambled babies would most likely have been left on the cutting room floor. 

Smear pieces are what David Greenwald’s crew specialize in. Recall that during the 2008 election it was a related entity, Brave New PAC, which produced ads suggesting that, if John McCain were elected, he had a high likelihood ofdying of skin cancer before the end of his first term. Odd that the President never brings Brave New Media up when he’s lecturing us on civil political discourse.