Mother Jones Spanks NBC Over Zimmerman Edit

Mother Jones Spanks NBC Over Zimmerman Edit

When even Kevin Drum at Mother Jones has to call NBC out over their outrageous editing of George Zimmerman’s 911 call to portray him as racist, you know it’s bad. NBC may try to pass it off as one miscue  or mis-edit,  but many will argue NBC portrayed Zimmerman precisely as they wanted to, and that they as well as other networks have been doing so all along.

This is now fated to be Exhibit A in conservative charges of mainstream media bias for about the next century or so. And who can blame them? What a cock up.

NBC may eventually try to pass it off as just a mistake; however, it would be interesting to know what type of audio was asked for before drawing any conclusions. Also, they may attempt to hang it on a lowly staffer as the fall guy, but they may want to preserve any records of how it came to pass. 

If he’s ever able to come out of hiding, George Zimmerman and perhaps his attorney may have some interesting questions for NBC about precisely how this happened.