Olbermann: The Cabbies Talked To Me!

Olbermann: The Cabbies Talked To Me!

Keith Olbermann, the eponymous host of “Countdown” on Current TV, has been fired. This is Olbermann’s second firing in the 14 months; he was fired by MSNBC in January of 2011. What kind of person does one have to be to be hard-left and still get fired by both MSNBC and Al Gore’s own network? What kind of word would sum up such a person?

Before we decide on Olbermann’s moniker, let’s see what antics got him fired from Current TV. Reports state that Olbermann, who doesn’t drive — what is he, pre-adolescent? — used 8 different car services while at Current, and complained that the drivers smelled and more importantly, talked to him.

The nerve. In addition, Olbermann, who was paid somewhere in the area of $50,000 per show, apparently refused to help Current TV sell its product. When other hosts subbed for him, the network and the guest hosts were not allowed to promote the show, according to Current. 

Olbermann has responded to his firing by claiming that Current’s claims are false and that the network failed to keep its promises to invest in a quality news program.  But Olbermann reportedly designed the set of his show himself, at the cost of $250,000. Not exactly Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland putting on a show in the barn.

So what Olbermannism describes Olbermann best? Why, his favorite. On Countdown, Olbermann gave Ted Nugent his “Worst Person in the World” award for calling Occupy protesters “dirty, stinky hippies,” then called Nugent  “a**hole.”

In October of 2011, Olbermann gave the same award to Florida Representative Brad Drake, who said of those who were sentenced to die by lethal injection that if it was up to him, he would “throw them off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and be done with it.” Olbermann characteristically, replied, “You first, a**hole!”

In July, 2001, speaking of Rep. Peter King, who had convened a hearing on radical Islam without calling Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the only Muslim in the Congress, Olbermann ejaculated, “Congressman Peter King is un-American and frankly — forgive the language — he’s an a**hole.”

So we can safely say that Olbermann, who has used invective for years in his leftist hysteria, would be quite familiar with the proper term to describe himself. Goodbye, a**hole.