Palin Lauds Santorum's Fight Against NYT Reporter

Palin Lauds Santorum's Fight Against NYT Reporter

Sarah Palin, just a week ago, praised former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum for taking a “New York Times reporter to task” on FOX News’ “On The Record.” Palin was referring to an exchange in which Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times strangely asked Santorum after a campaign event why Santorum called Mitt Romney “the worst Republican in the country” (Zeleny’s words).

The only problem is that Santorum never said the words like that. As you can see from the campaign event and speech Zeleny was referring to, Santorum actually said that Romney “is the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama. Why would Wisconsin want to vote for someone like that?” Zeleny had done what NBC recently did to George Zimmerman and what the media loves to accuse James O’Keefe and of doing; he selectively edited Santorum.

Santorum, obviously frustrated by the reporter’s dishonesty or laziness in not checking the quotes he was most likely fed by another campaign for accuracy, lashed out and called out the claim as “bullshit.”

Palin called Zeleny a “liberal leftist” who was an “in-the-tank-for-Obama press character” and said it was about time someone called out mainstream media reporters for “putting words in his mouth, taking things out of context, and even making things up.”

“Welcome to my world,” Palin said. “I was glad he called out this reporter … they need to do more of this because … the American people are tired of what the leftist media continues to do to conservatives.”

Welcome to Palin’s world indeed. Zeleny’s questioning of Santorum represented a textbook example of how so-called esteemed reporters are often nothing more — even if inadvertently — than mouthpieces for the paid professionals with whom they fraternize. To reporters like those in mainstream organizations like the New York Times, what operatives feed them cannot ever be wrong, especially if the information is against a candidate they may disfavor. And history has certainly shown the one political figure the media may be biased against the most is Palin. It makes perfect sense, then, that Palin would laud Santorum standing up to this media bias.