Current TV Hires CA Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom

Current TV Hires CA Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom

It seems like progressive political views are not the only prerequisite for hostinga show on Current, Al Gore’s fledgling cable television station. Gore, who wasinvolved in a high-profile divorce after his alleged fondness for being “massaged” by women in hotel rooms came to light, seems to hire mostly male hosts who have apattern of treating women badly.

The New York Times reports that Current hired Gavin Newsom,California’s lieutenant governor and ex-mayor of San Francisco, to host “TheGavin Newsom Show,” which will begin in May.

Newsom, who will be a sitting public official with a national show, was involved in a scandal while he was mayor of San Francisco when he had an affair with thewife of his friend and former deputy chief.

Of course, Current’s biggest hire to date, Keith Olbermann, who had a history ofpublic misogyny, blew up in Current’s face, and Current had to fire Olbermann,which was followed by childish public tantrums and accusations from the belligerent host.Olbermann is currently unemployed and suing Current and Gore for roughly$50 million he claims he is still owed.

After Current fired Olbermann, Gore and the Current brass replaced Olbermannwith none other than Eliot “Client 9” Spitzer, who was involved in an infamous prostitution scandal with call girl Ashley Dupre. Spitzer may have violatedfederal money laundering laws in addition to laws against interstate transferringof prostitutes but remains free to host another show after his previous gig andshow on CNN was a ratings disaster and got canceled.

If Newsom’s and Spitzer’s shows do not work out for the low-rated Current, thereare other potential hosts Gore can target.

If Current wants some regional diversity, former North Carolina Senator andtwo-time presidential candidate John Edwards probably fits in with Current andGore’s ethos. Edwards cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, who has sincepassed away, with his campaign’s videographer, Rielle Hunter, and had an out-of-wedlock child with her. 

Edwards is awaiting trial in North Carolinabecause he may have illegally used campaign funds to hide the affair during the2008 campaign. Of course, as Edwards was cheating with Hunter and possiblyvisiting high-priced escorts in New York during the 2008 campaign, his friendsin the mainstream media did not even look into these stories, which were rightunder their noses.

If Current needs racial diversity, Antonio Villaraigosa, the Hispanic mayor of LosAngeles and Chair of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, would be aprime candidate. Villaraigosa separated from his wife after he had an affair with Mirthala Salinas, a reporter for a local Spanish language television station.Villaraigosa also cheated on a previous wife of his while she was battling thyroidcancer.

Liberals can try to gin up the phony “war on women” rhetoric all they want, buttheir most progressive television station is showing a pattern of employing andspotlighting liberal men who have treated women poorly and have showed noregard for the women in their lives.

It seems like progressives at Current, by prominently spotlighting its rosterof “men behaving badly,” are the ones that are waging a war on women.