Fox News Mole Infects MSM With Fail

Fox News Mole Infects MSM With Fail

Yesterday, Gawker’s Nick Denton defended his site running reports from the Fox News Mole (Joe Muto) by stating, “Stories such as the Fox News Mole have drawn a ton of press attention.”

That’s true. But so do train wrecks, natural disasters, and spontaneous combustion. All sort of implosions draw … gawkers.

And the Gawker posts were implosions. Revelations that Mitt Romney likes members of the equine kingdom? Shocking exposes of the Fox News restrooms? These are not Pulitzer Prize-winning efforts. Or, more disappointingly according to the latest Pulitzers, perhaps they are.

But the Fox Mole wasn’t done with his efforts to discredit the entire mainstream media by mistake. On Sunday, Joe Muto joined CNN’s Howard Kurtz to discuss … well, something, we suppose. And the audience tuned out in droves. Actually, Fox News’ ratings went up during the hour Muto appeared on CNN to whine. If the higher-ups at Fox had known that Muto would, like a virulent strain of plague, infect its competitors and critics with low ratings, they would have fired him years ago.