N.O.W. Launches 'Enough Rush' Campaign

N.O.W. Launches 'Enough Rush' Campaign

The feminist bullies are at it again.

Nearly two months after Rush Limbaugh apologized for terming professional activist Sandra Fluke a “slut” after Fluke appeared before Congress and demanded that a Catholic organization pay for her birth control, the National Organization for Women have launched their “Enough Rush” campaign.

Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, told The Daily Caller, “He is going to be whining and calling us out about his First Amendment rights. There is nothing in the Constitution that says Rush Limbaugh gets $38 million a year for being on a radio show.”

There is also nothing in the Constitution that prevents Rush’s folks from calling out NOW. And Brian Glicklich, Rush’s spokesman, did just that, pointing out, “It’s instructive and telling that NOW added a ‘donate’ button to their website to ‘support their campaign.’ … They have a store, too. Selling T-shirts.”

This isn’t about getting Rush off the air – that campaign has failed dramatically. It’s about NOW making a splash and trying to use their bully pulpit to bully.

NOW actually went even further, defaming Rush by claiming that when he jokingly suggested that if taxpayers were going to pay for her birth control, they should get to see the tape of her having sex, that constituted “fantasizing about pornography and violence.” That sort of accusation is borderline actionable.