Romney Responds to Obama-Clooney Dinner, CNN Misses It

Romney Responds to Obama-Clooney Dinner, CNN Misses It

While the President of the United States pretty much embarrasses himself fundraising off a meal with himself and actor George Clooney (that we’re told will help to make our life complete), the Romney campaign is once again showing itself creative in the rapid response department with an even better offer: A chance to win a meal with the lovely and classy Ann Romney.


She is her husband’s not-so-secret weapon on the campaign trail, and now Mitt Romney’s presidential bid is looking to raise some campaign cash by offering a meal with his wife, Ann.

A Tuesday fundraising email from the candidate asks supporters to donate, promising entry “for a chance to share a meal with my lovely wife.”

Laughably, the ever-obtuse, third place CNN completely misses the point and fails to report the Romney campaign’s obvious dig at Obama’s fundraising efforts with Clooney.

Or maybe the left-wing network just knows that a comparison between the two will, in contrast, make Their Precious One look as shallow and desperate as he is.