Does Obama Read Sullivan for Trig Trutherism, or Anti-Israel Rants?

Does Obama Read Sullivan for Trig Trutherism, or Anti-Israel Rants?

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama told Rolling Stone that he gets his news from, among other sources, “Trig Truther” Andrew Sullivan. As Ed Lasky notes at American Thinker, “there is an even more checkered history involving Andrew Sullivan, and that involves Israel and American Jews.”

Lasky writes:

Sullivan has derided Israel as “Greater Israel” — a slam used by Israel-critics who claim that Israel desires to expand its territory at its neighbors’ expense (how about Gaza, how about the Sinai, how about the withdrawal from Lebanon?).

He has defended the validity and veracity of the now notorious Goldstone report that accused Israel of war crimes (even Goldstone has renounced the work bearing his name), has  continually downplayed the threat from Iran, and constantly uses the term “neo-cons” in relation to American supporters of Israel, despite of (or perhaps more likely because of) its anti-Semitic connotations.

Even his fellow columnist at The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg, has taken Sullivan to task for his anti-Israel obsession.

Yet, Barack Obama would rely on the excellent analysis of world affairs by Andrew Sullivan rather than on broadcast news, various newspapers, and the various and vast resources available to the president of the Unites States.

When the views and wisdom of the likes of Jeremiah Wright are no longer  readily available, I guess Andrew Sullivan will serve in a pinch.