Real NPR Headline: 'Is Slow Growth Actually Good for the Economy?'

Real NPR Headline: 'Is Slow Growth Actually Good for the Economy?'

Someday someone is going to write “The History of the Media Shilling for Barack Obama,” and this (which is now the top story on their home page) needs to be on the cover:



Pretty easy to be okay with a slow economy when you’re living high on the hog over at NPR on the taxpayer teat.

But what about the rest of us?

Millions of Americans are out of work. Millions more are under-employed. The housing market appears stalled again. College graduates are being hit harder in the job market than at anytime in my lifetime. Moreover, the job numbers are now trending the wrong way.

We could be facing a double-dip recession, and these pathetic welfare queens at NPR are so desperate to spin a slowing economy into good news for their Precious One that, in the process, they’re willing to make utter and complete fools out of themselves — probably in the hope that they can get four or five idiots in a swing state to go, “Yeah, that makes sense.” 

It’s still April and already the media is doing things like this. It’s only April and already the media is trashing Ann Romney and, through the art of fraud, creating racial firestorms that gin up Democrats in swings states. 

What are things going to look like in October?

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