Lanny Davis Covers for Holder and Murders in Fast and Furious

Lanny Davis Covers for Holder and Murders in Fast and Furious

Democrats are getting desperate when it comes to Operation Fast and Furious. They will do anything to deflect from the fact that people using the guns that Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice “walked” across the border to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and more than three hundred Mexicans.

Today, in The Hill, Lanny Davis–of Clinton White House fame–wrote an opinion piece about the double standards in Washington, D.C. when it comes to holding Attorneys General in contempt of Congress.

Is there a double standard? Yes. Will it ever stop? No.

But I think it’s precious when people like Mr. Davis try to compare Fast & Furious with the scandals of previous administrations. 

He brought up the dismissals under Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and how the Democrat Congress did everything to obtain documents. Then he mentioned how the Republican Congress voted Attorney General Janet Reno in contempt for failing to comply with a subpoena about campaign finance law violations, and did everything to get those documents.

Yes, big-time double standard–and it’s irritating.

You know what didn’t happen under those previous administrations that did happen under Fast & Furious? The murder of hundreds, including Agent Terry on our own soil. Also, in those other scandals, departments within the Department of Justice did not allow straw purchasers to buy many guns for already extremely dangerous Mexican drug cartels with absolutely no way of tracking them.

Mr. Davis thinks the American people are incredibly sick of this double standard. Yes, we are,–but you know what else is bothering us? The fact that our very own government allowed guns to walk across an international boundary and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels! 

That–and the fact the entire Department of Justice is not cooperating with Congress or the subpoenas. And the fact that the Department of Justice officials are more concerned about saving their behinds than getting to the bottom of this operation and holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

I agree. Let’s stop this double standard and put aside party affiliation. But let’s do that to find the truth about Fast & Furious. Let’s do that to give Agent Terry & the murdered Mexicans justice.