Supposed 'Anti-Bully' Meghan McCain Silent on Savage

Supposed 'Anti-Bully' Meghan McCain Silent on Savage

Meghan McCain, aka the McCain Blogette, has gone after Michelle Malkin; Malkin had commented on McCain’s support for professional activist Sandra Fluke. McCain said that she was standing up for Fluke speaking out despite being personally attacked.

However, Ms. McCain has been less than consistent when it comes to standing up for those who have been attacked for speaking out. The often outspoken Ms. McCain didn’t speak out on Twitter to call out Dan Savage in the wake of some of his vicious comments on Christianity and the Bible, or his past cyber-bullying of Rick Santorum and Rick Warren. She did have time to re-tweet a link to a poem mocking Santorum after his departure from the 2012 race, however.

To her credit, Meghan did speak up in defense of Ann Romney after Romney was attacked by Hilary Rosen. But McCain had nothing to say about attacks on Sarah Palin from comedian Louis C.K., who used the c-word to describe Palin. In fact, she was only upset that Greta Van Susteran invited Lohan rather than Louis C.K. to the Radio and TV Congressional Correspondent’s Dinner.

It does leave one to wonder what does it take to get Meghan McCain to stick up for a person who has been viciously attacked. It seems that if she likes you or your cause, she’ll stick up for you. For instance, when Bristol Palin was getting death threats while on the way to becoming a finalist on Dancing With the Stars, Ms. McCain was silent. Nearly a year after the threats, though, she did tell Playboy, “once someone signs up for Dancing With the Stars, it’s hard to sympathize.”

She can do an ad for Savage’s “It Gets Better” campaign against bullying, but when the National Organization for Marriage’s tax data gets released to the Human Rights Campaign, the vocal Ms. McCain goes silent on Twitter. She poses for the NOH8 campaign, but when Perez Hilton hatefully called Carrie Prejean names that rhymed with “pitch” and “punt”, McCain was very quiet… until the following November, when Meghan spoke up to call Ms. Prejean a hypocrite in her Daily Beast column.

Meghan McCain has been very selective in the application of her supposed anti-bullying beliefs. It seems that as long as someone supports making Catholic institutions like hospitals and colleges pay for contraception or gay marriage, she’ll defend them from attack. But when it comes to defending conservatives, she doesn’t say a word.