MSM on Fast and Furious: Slow and Spurious

MSM on Fast and Furious: Slow and Spurious

The House Oversight Committee drafted a contempt citation against Attorney General Eric Holder over Operation Fast and Furious last week. It should be a huge story, but the Old Media is just pushing it aside like it’s no big deal. Yet it was a huge deal when the Committee found former White House counsel Harriet Miers & Chief of Staff John Bolton in contempt. No liberal bias at all!

The liberal media continues to deceive their readers. They didn’t bother to mention the fact that Mr. Holder has had since October 12 to turn over the documents. They didn’t bother to mention the fact that the documents the DOJ have turned over are useless to the Committee.

After combing through the outlets I am going to present the worst offenders. I’m not surprised by any of them, but it still makes me mad.

There is nothing at the New York Times. I didn’t see anything on Thursday and I still don’t see anything. I tried searching for Eric Holder, Darrell Issa, and even just the word contempt. My search came up void. I did email my contacts at the Times to give them an opportunity to send me a link or explain why they didn’t report it.

The Associated Press did the bare minimum as usual. No quotes from the draft. No quotes from Chairman Darrell Issa. But reporter Larry Margasak was willing to produce quotes & defense for the DOJ. Surprise surprise!

For the first time in a long time, the Washington Post reporter Sari Horwitz wrote an original piece on a Fast & Furious development. But my slight happiness ends there. It lacks substance from the contempt draft and talks more about how the DOJ insists they’ve been cooperative, when in fact they’ve been extremely uncooperative. But facts don’t matter do they, Ms. Horwitz?

Believe it or not, USA Today did worse than the AP and the Post. Reporter Kevin Johnson did say the contempt was because of documents, but didn’t bother to explain any part of the contempt draft.

Diane Sawyer and her crew decided it wasn’t important either. Instead they had to talk about how Spirit Airlines is raising their carry on baggage fees to $100. I can totally see how that is more important than a contempt draft against the Attorney General. Ms. Sawyer also had to report on the newest trend: Spouses spying on each other by putting video cameras in teddy bears!! WHOA!!

Brian Williams wasn’t any better on NBC Nightly News. Instead of contempt charges, he talked about the lioness trying to grab a baby in a zebra suit through a window. It was cute, I admit, but not newsworthy. He also talked about the “super moon” and the painting “The Scream” selling for almost $120 million. None of those are more important.

I’ll say it again. I doubt the liberal media will ever properly report Fast & Furious. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to call them out.