New Media Victory: Obama Loses Three Points Nationally Against Romney

New Media Victory: Obama Loses Three Points Nationally Against Romney

On May 2, the Real Clear Politics average of national polls showed Obama with a 3.6 point lead against his presumptive challenger, Mitt Romney. In just a few days, that lead has dropped over three points to less than half a point. Moreover, the last three national polls to come out show Romney in the lead. Today, Rasmussen has the former Massachusetts Governor up by 5, Gallup has him up by 3, and Battleground has him up by 1.

Yes, this is a snapshot and, yes, it’s all within the margin of error, but a trend like this is worth noting and analyzing.

Now that it’s Tuesday, these numbers are taking into account the full effect of Friday’s disappointing job numbers. You also have the bungling of the situation involving Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, the boomeranging disaster that was the spiking of the bin Laden football and, most importantly, New Media was right there to amplify these gaffes and run circles around any Old Media attempt to ignore or spin these stories into a positive for Their Precious One.

One cannot overstate how different the narratives about the job numbers and Chen and bin Laden would be without New Media — from blogs to Twitter — engaging, challenging, and exposing Old Media on every front during every minute of every day.

The other factor is Obama’s inability to gain any traction in his attacks on Romney. Everything the Obama campaign launches, like this nonsense, has been dismantled and ridiculed, once again, by New Media.

New Media is also knocking the “cool” right off of Obama. For instance, it was New Media which forced Obama’s Palace Guards to grudgingly cover all those empty seats Saturday. And they are not happy about it.

For right now, at least, Obama’s finally being exposed as the feckless, failed, ineffectual narcissist he really is.

Keep up the good work, Citizen Journalists.

Every tweet, every tip, every blog post published and comment left makes a difference.

But don’t get cocky, kids.  The corrupt media is determined to see Obama win a second term and will salt the earth the make it happen. This fight hasn’t even started yet.