Limbaugh Launches 'Rush Babes for America'

Limbaugh Launches 'Rush Babes for America'

Rush Limbaugh, never afraid to shy away from a political battle, has launched a new Facebook group: Rush Babes for America. After just a few hours, the group already has nearly 9,000 likes. The cause of the group:

Rush Babes for America (a.k.a. The National Organization for Rush Babes) is a Facebook Page dedicated to the millions of conservative women who know what they believe in: family, American Values, and not being told by Faux Feminist Groups how to think.

Limbaugh is fighting back against the feminist left, which has seized on his comments about Sandra Fluke to try to get him kicked off the air. Limbaugh recognized the bully tactics of the feminist left, teaming up with Media Matters, on his program today:

As you know, some day (I forget the exact date) later this month the feminazis are gonna be working with Media Matters for America kicking off some giant program. It’s some coordinated plan to have me taken off the air, under the premise that women hate this program and that this program is an unfriendly environment for women, that this program laughs at, impugns, makes fun of women. Of course, the flaw in this is the National Organization for Women thinking that they speak for women. If there was ever a group that speaks for an almost infinitesimal minority of women, it’s the NAGs. But this is all part of Obama’s and the Democrat Party’s so-called War on Women.

Limbaugh went on to condemn NOW as “a faux female group … It’s a liberal organization disguised as a group that’s interested in the rights of women … in reality, they represent a tiny number of highly agitated activist types.”

Media Matters has indeed coordinated with outside groups to target conservatives in the past, but their longtime assault on Limbaugh has been their most egregious bully campaign to date. Media Matters’ coordination with the Obama White House has been well documented; Obama’s enemies become Media Matters’ enemies, and Media Matters employs every trick in the book, including secondary boycotts, to silence Obama’s opponents.

Limbaugh is fighting back, and he’s calling on his audience to do the same. As he says, “there are many, many more of you than there are of them.” Bully for him. Join Rush Babes for America here.