Chris Matthews To Black Bishop: 'I Hope You Evolve'

Chris Matthews To Black Bishop: 'I Hope You Evolve'

Newsbusters caught Chris Matthews telling Bishop Harry Jackson “I hope you evolve” while talking gay marriage. He then giggled and said disingenuously, “I’m just teasing.” 

I asked earlier when the left was going to turn on the black community for questioning the President’s gay marriage remarks. They’re reserving their anger not for the President who refused to make gay marriage part of the DNC platform (and whose words are meaningless lip service to avoid further lefty criticism), but for the black Christians who are trying to live their lives according to faith. 

It wouldn’t be the first time black churches faced bully tactics: back in the 50s they faced much worse for not toeing the Democrat party line. 

I’m sure will see a column from Joan Walsh decrying the racist overtones of Matthews’s remark, considering she thinks “food stamps” is a slur. I’m sure we’ll see a boycott campaign organized by the Soros-funded Media Matters

Don’t you think.