Juan Williams Runs Interference for Eric Holder, Fast & Furious

Juan Williams Runs Interference for Eric Holder, Fast & Furious

Like Lanny Davis, JuanWilliams has written an op-ed in The Hill to run interference for Eric Holder in the growing Fast & Furious gunrunning scandal. And like Davis, Williams onlygives partial facts to distort the true story. 

First off, here’s a huge fact Mr. Williams and other Democrats conveniently leave out: Operation Fast & Furious is linked to the deaths of Border Patrol Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans. People have lost their lives and will continue to do so for who knows how long. Mr. Holder even admitted as much. It is very easy to harp on Mr. Issa when someone “forgets” about the victims.

Mr. Williams thinks Mr. Issa’s “number one danger is a constitutional crisis.” There isn’t one. Congress’s enumerated powers are filled with oversight implications. Mr. Williams says the DOJ is supposed to be an independent agency. But it’s not. It falls under the Executive Branch, which means the DOJ is subject to oversight. They are a government agency. 

There’s a reason why Mr. Issa’s primary concern is Mr. Holder not turning over documents. He hasn’t! Mr. Issa has every reason to be upset. Mr. Williams is correct to state that the DOJ has provided 7,000 documents. But that’s only 7,000 documents of the more than 70,000 documents Mr. Issa has subpoenaed.

Mr. William’s article wouldn’t be complete without a reference to Operation Wide Receiver. It’s still precious to me when Democrats whine over President Bush’s Operation Wide Receiver, especially since it was started in 2006. What happened in 2006? That’s right. Democrats won the House and Senate. Democrats might want to take it up with their own party and ask them why they didn’t do a thing about gun walking during 2006-2008.

The DOJ deserves this attack. They knew about Operation Wide Receiver. They knew of previous gun walking programs, yet they decided it was a good idea to implement their own? Say what you will about Operation Wide Receiver, but you had better apply it to Operation Fast & Furious too, especially since it is well known this one is linked to the deaths I mentioned before. 

This isn’t a witch-hunt. This is an investigation to hold those responsible for this awful operation. These people have blood on their hands. This operation is a great reason why there needs to be oversight of government agencies.

Mr. Holder can end this right now by handing over the rest of the documents and firing those responsible for this operation. It’s that easy. Until then, I know Mr. Issa will do everything he can to give the family members answers and the victims the justice they deserve.

Rest In Peace Brian Terry.