Gawker Shifts Narrative Again: Trayvon 'Beaten' By Zimmerman

Gawker Shifts Narrative Again: Trayvon 'Beaten' By Zimmerman

As every single thread of the Left’s narrative that “George Zimmerman was a racist white man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood” disintegrates as more facts in the case emerge, its defenders are forced to come up with new and even more bizarre defenses. Take the loathsome online gossip rag Gawker and especially loathsome writer “Mobutu Sese Seko,” who has now expanded the narrative to a new wrinkle–the claim that Zimmerman “beat” Trayvon.

In an article ‘Stand Your Ground’: Ladies, You Have No Ground to Stand on where he compares the case of George Zimmerman to Marissa Alexander, an African American woman who  has become something of a cause célèbre on the left, Seko says:

The two cases beg for comparison. Martin, an African American teen, was chased, beaten and shot by a self-appointed neighborhood watchman named George Zimmerman.

Trayvon was beaten by Zimmerman? This is a bizarre fable to start spinning given the new evidence that Zimmerman suffered a broken nose and black eyes while Trayvon suffered a laceration on his knuckle and the new description by a witness that Martin attacked Zimmerman “MMA style.” Is Gawker suggesting that Zimmerman is an expert in some bizarre martial arts discipline that involves laying on the ground while your opponent straddles you and then repeatedly beating them in the fists with your eyes?

Gawker is desperate to neuter Zimmerman’s self-defense claim by turning him into the attacker. Seko says later in the article (emphasis added):

The (Marissa Alexander) ruling is galling in light of the Martin killing, when you consider that George Zimmerman ignored a 911 dispatcher’s comment that they did not need him to exit his car and pursue Trayon Martin, that he then hunted Martin through a neighborhood, fought him and shot him. Zimmerman walked free on the basis of a Stand Your Ground self-defense, despite not driving away in his safe and locked SUV, tracking and confronting the imminent Skittles-snacking threat to his life and engaging him in a fight.

What Gawker and their ilk in the Zimmerman lynch mob want to do is to take away even the most basic form of self defense: being aware of strangers in your neighborhood. They aren’t just anti-Stand Your Ground, they aren’t just anti-gun; they are anti-Ask Who Are You And What Are You Doing Here. Even thinking about questioning the presence of someone is racist racial profiling if that someone happens to be black.

Gawker has to ignore the facts in the Martin shooting in order to spin this tale, but by taking the extra step of actually making up a new charge against Zimmerman, they have moved into even more dangerous territory.