Liberal Press Keeps Liberals Uninformed

Liberal Press Keeps Liberals Uninformed

As we at Breitbart News have noted before, the main function of the left-leaning mainstream media is to tell its audience what attitude to adopt towards the news, rather than the news itself. The case of the “born in Kenya” booklet produced by President Barack Obama’s then-literary agency is a prime example. 

Whether on HBO or at the Washington Post  or at the New York Times (below), the media tells its consumers that Breitbart News encouraged the “Birther” movement–without telling them what we actually reported.

As NewsBusters reported, the Times‘ Michael Shear used the booklet issue to launch accusations of racism against conservatives, while obscuring what we had actually written about it:

Nevertheless, Shear advanced a racial argument against the GOP, while leaving out details of another scoop, from Joel Pollak of Breitbart, who dug up a 1991 booklet from a literary agent claiming that Obama was “Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” He also likened the Drudge Report and to “some extreme quarters of the American electorate” for the crime of reporting news the liberal media overlooked.

But the issues of race and religion never go completely away, at least in some extreme quarters of the American electorate.

On Thursday, the Drudge Report posted a link on its Web site to a report that sought to revive the long-discredited assertion that Mr. Obama was not born in the United States. And as election season heats up, so does publication of books promoting various conspiracies and theories, including a new one seeking to focus new attention on Mr. Obama’s dealings with Mr. Wright.

Shear didn’t bother to give details about the Drudge link, which presumably was this Breitbart scoop from last week, about a 1991 booklet from a literary agency listing Obama’s birthplace as Kenya.

Shear ignored conservatives who aren’t in fact questioning Obama’s birthplace, but instead are asking why such details like the booklet were overlooked by the media during the race of 2008. They are also questioning whether Obama submitted his own biography, as was customary at that agency, or if not, why he failed to correct the erroneous bio (which remained uncorrected until 2007).