Slow News Day? BuzzFeed Revisits 1994 Romney Milk Gaffe

Slow News Day? BuzzFeed Revisits 1994 Romney Milk Gaffe

News outlets need to get creative on slow news days. This Memorial Day weekend is no exception.

But it sure seems odd that BuzzFeed used the occasion to dredge up a minor Mitt Romney gaffe from 1994 for its readers. 

Romney was visiting the homeless shelter, located in Boston, by invitation of the shelter’s executive director Ken Smith….Smith reported that Kennedy’s visit to the shelter had gone routinely saying that his visit was brief and that he seemed generally impressed with the good work they had done with an old VA hospital….

…The shelter was similar to a “boot camp” for homeless veterans and Smith explained to Romney that homeless vets were expected to “get tough or get out,” during his visit after Kennedy’s….Romney was preparing to leave the shelter, so he pulled Smith aside, in front of the media, to ask him his biggest problem at the shelter.

Smith replied “milk.”

Smith explained that the State of Massachusetts allocated $2.37 per day twice a day for each homeless veteran’s meal. Since the amount was so meager, the shelter had trouble providing each veteran with a carton of milk at each meal.

Romney responded “well Ken, maybe you can teach the vets to milk cows.”

Cow Milk Gate was born, apparently. And we can look forward to BuzzFeed revisiting some of President Barack Obama’s gaffes on the slow news days to come.