Bill Press: 'Get Rid of' Star-Spangled Banner, Lest He Feel 'Embarrassed'

Liberal radio host Bill Press today announced on his show that he was “embarrassed every time” he hears the National Anthem and was on a “major crusade” to “get rid of the Star-Spangled Banner.”

“There is so much wrong with it, I don’t know where to start,” Press said. “It’s an abomination.” 

Among the abominations Press cited were that the Anthem is not singable because it is two octaves, contains “military jargon” like “bombs bursting in air” and “rocket’s red glare.”

Press was also bothered by the phrase “home of the brave.” 

“Are we the only ones that are brave on the planet?,” Press asked. “I think it’s stupid … I am embarrassed every time I hear it.” 

The discussion was in response to a Vanity Fair poll that found 22 percent of those surveyed thought Bruce Springsteen should compose a new national anthem if the Star-Spangled Banner ever were replaced.