Morgan's Guest Hosts Continue Show's Liberal Bias

Piers Morgan replaced Larry King on CNN last year, promising both a fresh approach to interviewing and a dedication to nonpartisan journalism.

The so-called “most trusted name in news” got the bait and switch on the latter front.

Morgan has been as reliably left of center as anyone outside the hallowed halls of MSNBC. To list Morgan’s liberal lines of attack against his right-of-center guests might actually fill up this here Internet, but the best example can be found via his combative interviews with conservative Jonah Goldberg.

Yet Morgan clings to the notion that he’s a fair and balanced chat show host. He told Vogue magazine at the dawn of his CNN gig he wouldn’t tilt the scales in any side’s favor:

For his part, Morgan insists that he won’t bring any political bias to CNN, and his own politics are much less clear cut than O’Reilly’s, with an enthusiasm, on the one hand, for Bill Clinton and, on the other, for Ronald Reagan. 

But just in case you needed any further proof of Morgan’s ideological intentions, just consider his show’s guest hosts over a three-night span.

First up, far left Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, best known for bringing “Fahrenheit 9/11” to the big screen and bundling countless cash for President Barack Obama. Night two featured far-left comedian Bill Maher, who famously wrote a $1 million check for an Obama Super Pac and has called Sarah Palin names too ugly to cite here.

On Monday, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a CNN contributor once considered for the Surgeon General post in the Obama White House, took over “Piers Morgan Tonight.” Gupta also has spoken in favor of price controls for health care, hardly a conservative talking point.

“Piers Morgan Tonight” lets the British host spout liberal talking points to the tune of some very tiny ratings. And, when Morgan is on assignment, we’re treated to guest hosts who are more than happy to do the same.