Media Degrades FLOTUS With 'Blow Job' Meme

It’s obvious from the clip below that the President was making a perfectly innocent joke about First Lady Michelle Obama’s push-ups and that the crowd misinterpreted or chose to misinterpret it. But now the media is actually asking if Obama meant to tell a dirty joke about his own wife in front of a large crowd and who knows how many cameras:

You can see from the look on the President’s face that once he realizes how the crowd interpreted what he said that’s he’s both horrified and angry — as well he should be.

Looking for nothing more than link bait, rather than correctly interpret or dismiss what happened here, the media runs with headlines like: “Did President Obama Just Make A Blowjob Joke?”

In those rare moments when the media chooses to attack Obama, I don’t normally assume the position of defending him, but this is grossly unfair. Furthermore it’s degrading to the First Lady of the United States, which I find especially appalling.

Reporting the crowd’s reaction is perfectly fair game, but wondering aloud if the President meant it, is way over the line.

Good heavens, there are two young children involved here.

You know, all of us in media are currently suffering through this slow news-cycle together. But some of us are using this time to actually do the hard work of investigating the president’s record and background. And I find it telling that the same craven, corrupt media that refuses to do the honorable work of vetting a sitting President prefers instead to dishonestly “raise questions” about crap like this.

How about raising questions about Obama lying about his relationship with Bill Ayers and the socialist New Party?

Michelle Obama is this country’s First Lady. President Obama has zero history of doing anything other than show her his affection and respect — and the media “raising questions” like this only serves as proof of how tasteless and classless they are. 

Chivalry truly is dead.


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