Michelle Malkin's Online Revolution Frustrates Juan Williams

Unfortunately for Juan Williams, hissy fits don’t budge facts. Not even hissy fits on a top cable news program like “Hannity” (see the video embedded below). Of course, Michelle Malkin is a reporter. And do you want to know who else is? James O’Keefe, Hannah Giles, Joel Pollak, Michael Patrick Leahy, and so many others that just thought of what they’re up against makes the corrupt media wet themselves.  

Yes, lowly bloggers make the phone calls, develop the sources, go out in the field, break news, and expose truths.  

And it’s not just news they break, it’s news that matters and news that makes a difference.

Better still, it is lowly online bloggers who are making the real impact during this election season, especially conservative ones. Bloggers are the ones vetting Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren, making damn sure Fast and Furious isn’t ignored away by the likes of the corrupt Brian Williams, who covered Wisconsin brilliantly, investigated voter fraud, ACORN, and most importantly — continue to relentlessly investigate the corrupt media (countless examples of “just a blogger” reporting are being compiled here).

Thanks to “bloggers,” PolitiFact, the Washington Post, Politico, NBC, CNN and all of their unholy ilk are finally living under a microscope every bit as powerful as the one they choose not to turn on the Left. And the result for them has been only humiliation and the diminishing of their influence. Bloggers are pushing back against the media’s lies, outing their biases, and as the Ben Smiths and Maggie Habermans do their worst, armed only with truth, bloggers do their best.

And the media’s only response is to sit there dumbstruck, bitter, and angry.

If all the very real reporting listed above wasn’t happening, I would still argue that investigating the media is real reporting —  a form of what Williams calls “going out in the field to look at documents.” Well, Juan, the “field” is online, the “documents” are the product of a corrupt and craven media, and the “reporting” is the sunlight of truth poured onto the media’s lies, distortions, and double standards.

Furthermore, for Williams to flippantly refer to Malkin as “a blogger” and himself as a real reporter is not only insulting but factually incorrect. Malkin is a blogger by choice. She wears the title of blogger proudly (which is just one reason we bloggers would take a bullet for her), but all it takes is .041 seconds of Google’s time to get a gander at Malkin’s resume where you will discover that Williams was completely out of line and should apologize.

But you have to dig deeper to understand Williams’ motivations. You have to ask yourself, what was it that caused Williams to be so uncharacteristically (he seems like a decent sort) crass and patronizing — other than the fact Malkin cleaned his clock during the segment?

My guess is that like the rest of the left-wing media, Williams is deeply frustrated with the way this campaign is going. And Malkin has a lot to do with that.  

With her brains, writing chops, and star power, Malkin could right now be living the life of a pre-failure Katie Couric — safe in the media bubble with her fame, riches, and 24/7 sycophants. Instead, Malkin chose to become an apostate (any non-male, non-Caucasian who fights the left makes this difficult choice) and for the good of her country she chose to fight for her country by forging a path online. And in 2012, much to the distress of the corrupt media, that path is finally paying off.

Juan Williams and that sell-out Joe Scarborough and the rest of the left-wing media are scared and worried about their diminishing power and influence, so all they got left are snotty insults. And they should be worried. From social media to blogs, the online “blogger” world is thriving while CNN collapses, newspapers seek bankruptcy protection, and Politico engages in sleazy threesomes with MSNBC and Media Matters.

Another trailblazer online, Andrew Breitbart, used to ask those in the crowds he spoke before to hold up their phones and cameras. Like Bic lighters at a Journey concert, hands everywhere would shoot into the air grasping some miracle of this technological age.

“You’re all journalists now,” he would say.

It doesn’t take some fancy, over-priced brainwashing re-education camp like Columbia to make someone a reporter. All it takes is a desire to root out truth and the grit to hold that truth up for all to see.

Today, that’s exactly what’s happening in the conservative blogosphere — and the exact opposite of what all those “real” reporters do as they cover up and palace guard for those in power like, say, Attorney General Eric Holder.

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