Cory Booker Fights the Left on Civility

Cory Booker Fights the Left on Civility

Newark mayor Cory Booker, who was flayed by the Left and referred to as “dead” by members of the Obama Administration after he defended Mitt Romney from attacks on his Bain capital record, is feuding with the Left again – this time over their lack of civility.

It started yesterday with Booker responding to a tweet to Booker that said, “I believe that romney lies about everything…romney lies….he cares about nothing cept winning..romney is an evil person.”

Booker tweeted back,

“I hear u. But b careful. We can disagree with Romney & win the election without demonizing him.

“Never let a person twist you into something you are not. Match lies with truth, darkness with light, hate with love.”

 He received a tweet from another leftist that said,

“Funny till 1978 his church thought you we were demons anyone care to ask him how he made the transition?”

Booker responded:

“& u want 2 defend Christian Church’s past sins? Come on/Lets leave his faith out of it “

A third leftist chimed in:

         “Pease don’t defend romney. He isn’t fair.”

Booker patiently responded:

“Sorry u think I was defending him. I thought I was defending civility & honorable conduct.”

Then conservatives recognized that Booker was acting honorably and commended him, one writing:

“Civility among the hard left is extremely rare and unwelcome. I respect you for trying to be though.”

Another wrote:

“you are very different from your liberal counterparts…almost too different. Don’t know how you do it. #comeintothelight ;)”

A third echoed:

“Dear Mayor @CoryBooker please join the @GOP we allow people to speak #truth without condemning them. You did nothing wrong !”

Of course, the Right’s warm greeting only made the Left nuts; they doubled down on their attacks, writing:

@CoryBooker @TracyBuffer Hey Cory, R U going to go on MTP again and undermine PBO again?”


@CoryBooker to summarize, any policy that involves #magicunderwear is not going to solve our nations economic, education, or healthcare woes.”


@CoryBooker @golfndadblogger Thy set the rules demonizing Obama & pledging to see him fail. Diebold fixed yet? Voter reg restored? Wisconsin.”

Let’s not give Booker too much credit, though; he’s still blind about Obama saying:

“Sorry, Obama isn’t champion of debt. He’s champion of trying 2 save an economy that was driven to its knees by irresponsible economic policy.”

But at least he helped pull back the veil on the Leftists who cry about civility while eviscerating one of their own who dares to civilly disagree.