Media Disinterested in Abuse of American Indians in Boston

Media Disinterested in Abuse of American Indians in Boston

The Old Media is showing its true colors this week by generally ignoring what is going on in the State of Massachusetts, where four Cherokee woman have come to meet with Democrat Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. The candidate is, of course, shunning the Cherokee representatives; but worse is the absence in the national media of news about their efforts to meet her. 

All week this group of Cherokee women will be in Boston seeking an audience with Democrat Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. They want to know why Warren continues to claim that she is related by blood to the Cherokee nation despite a complete and utter lack of any documentary proof.

Cherokee Twila Barnes, for one, is incensed at Warren’s false claims. In a recent interview, Barnes scoffed at Warren’s late claims that her prevarication about her Indian blood is “not an issue.”

“Poverty, teen suicide, our health care system,” said Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes in an interview today with the Herald. “Those are issues and those are the people she stepped on and used to benefit and now she says it’s not an issue. Well, of course, to her it’s not an issue because she doesn’t want to address that she did this.”

Barnes also told another Boston news outlet that Warren’s false claims are “offensive.”

“If somebody as high-profile as Elizabeth Warren can get away with that, then all the others will expect to do that as well,” said Cherokee genealogist Twyla [sic] Barnes of Missouri. “She has no affiliation with a tribe and no history. It’s offensive.”

Unfortunately for a search for truth, the only news outlets even talking about this story are a few local Boston TV stations and newspapers. The national media has studiously avoided the story.

But, imagine if this were a Republican candidate who had made a false claim about having some minority blood in his family history. What if a Republican had spent an entire adult professional career lying about his minority status and gaining professional advantages because of the false claim? What if a Republican had made his fortune and reputation based partly on a lie about his family history?

And what would the Old Media be doing if a cadre of minority women had come to his hometown demanding a meeting to confront him over his false claims?

This would be the story of the day, if not the week or month. The Old Media would be tsking this lying Republican from sea to shining sea. He would be excoriated in every newscast, on every radio show, during every cable newsbreak, in every newspaper and magazine.

Such a Republican candidate would be making matters worse by refusing to meet with the Native Women as Elizabeth Warren has. 

Yet here we have Democrat Elizabeth Warren in exactly these situations. She has lied for decades about her heritage. She’s made bank and career points based on that lie. And now, when representatives of the native peoples from whom she has stolen all these years have come a’knocking, she is stonewalling them.

No Republican, man or woman, would be allowed to act with such startling impunity. No Republican would be allowed to so disrespect a group of minority women as Warren has.

Still, the national Old Media establishment is silent about these women going to Boston to confront liar Warren.

The double standard of this silence is deafening.