Report: 'Today Show' Finally Unloading Ann Curry

Report: 'Today Show' Finally Unloading Ann Curry

After doing what seemed impossible, last year NBC News actually found a “Today Show” co-host harder to stomach than Meredith Viera, Katie Couric and the rest. Ann Curry, who was promoted to the chair next to Matt Lauer after Viera’s retirement, has repeatedly beclowned herself with bias in ways previously unseen on one of the most biased shows on television.

After a year of this, the loss of ratings was only a matter of time, and now reports say Curry is about to be fired:

NBC executives are making a plan to replace Ann Curry on the “Today” show, only a year after she became the co-host of the newly vulnerable morning television franchise.

The planning — which is taking place in secret and has not been completed — is effectively an admission that all is not well at “Today,” the show that invented morning television 60 years ago and inspired countless lower-rated competitors since. “Today” consistently ranked No. 1 in the morning ratings until this spring, when ABC’s “Good Morning America” beat it in the ratings for several weeks.

Even before then, some at NBC were openly criticizing the co-hosting style of Ms. Curry, 55, who succeeded Meredith Vieira last year, after spending 14 years on the show in a lesser role.

Yeah, well, here’s a flashback of Ann Curry’s “style”:



In her defense, though, not all of the “Today Show’s” problems should be blamed on Curry. 

After the unforgivable fraud the “Today Show” committed with the George Zimmerman 911 tape, combined with the program’s overall bias that is now constantly exposed and ridiculed in New Media — the fall of “Today” was simply a matter of time.

People also have plenty of alternatives now, like “Fox and Friends,” which consistently wins its cable timeslot and doesn’t offend the intelligence of its viewers by pretending to be objective.

What’s unfortunate is that this co-host switch is happening in the heat of a presidential race NBC is desperate to win for Barack Obama. Under normal circumstances, one could actually hope that “Today” might come to its senses and consider giving the co-host slot to a GOP star to offset the leftist Lauer. Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, S.E. Cupp, and at least a half-dozen Fox News’ anchors… The right is over-flowing with charismatic, whip-smart women who would bring diversity and a following.

Unfortunately, though, the media isn’t anywhere near as interested in ratings or intellectual diversity as they are in shilling for the left.

And this is especially true at NBC.


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