Politico, Dems Coordinate to Attack Romney's 'No Policy Problem'

Politico, Dems Coordinate to Attack Romney's 'No Policy Problem'

Even Politico’s headline is a lie: “Mitt’s No Policy Problem.”

Uhm, no, actually, Mitt does not have a “no policy problem.” At least not according to the polls or the voters. The only people who think Romney has a “no policy problem” are in the White House — which means the media also has that problem, since its goals are one in the same.

With their big, four-page feature story this morning, Jonathan Martin (who does oppo-research on private citizens for Obama) and Alexander Burns are attempting to set up a narrative that they hope will bedevil Romney over the next coming weeks. No doubt, the rest of Obama’s Media Palace Guard will be more than happy to pile on. After all, even though the media is supposed to be in competition with one another, most every media outlet always covers the exact same stories in the exact same way. This is how narratives are built and how common goals are achieved.

The Democrats, of course, will pile on, too.

Oh, wait, Democrats are the ones who started this narrative. So what we have here is the media once again coordinating with the left to help get its anti-Romney talking points out.

Politico hides that fact in plain sight:

Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo urged Obama to challenge Romney aggressively to “give me your plan” for the country. Right now, Cuomo said, Romney’s “playing the Nixon game. Nixon said, ‘I have a plan but you won’t know it until you elect me as president.'”

“His whole case is, ‘Trust me, I made myself rich,’ ” Cuomo said of Romney. “We should know what our choices really are. You know what our choice is with Obama. He hasn’t hidden anything. He’s not suggesting that he’s holding back anything. So you know Obama, but you do not know Romney. And that’s done deliberately and it’s not fair.”

Here’s what’s really going on.

Pretty much every attack the White House and their media pals have launched against Romney has thus far failed. The main reason for this is the New Media’s emerging strength and its ability to prove that most of these coordinated attacks are based on lies.

Looking at the direction of the polls and that fact that –gasp!– 2012 might actually be a referendum on a failed incumbent, the media is obviously as panicked as Obama. So now Politico is hoping to pressure Romney into supplying them with the ammunition they need to destroy him.

That’s exactly what this demand for “policy specifics” is — and the conceit that this is now a “problem” for Romney is nothing more than Martin and Burns hoping to use media pressure as a way to turn their manufactured reality into the kind of reality that benefits Their Precious One.

The sooner Romney starts talking specifics, the sooner the media can start lying about how his policies will destroy social security, cause wars, put homosexuals in concentration camps, explode the deficit, and make the rich richer.

Eventually, Romney will have to give a series of speeches laying out specifics. But he needs to do this after the public gets to know him a little better. That way the media can’t demonize him as easily. Romney needs to do this in his own time and on the ground of his choosing — not on turf manufactured by Obama and Politico (but I repeat myself).

Never forget that it was Jonathan Martin and Politico that wrote over a hundred stories to drive Herman Cain out of the race based on 15-year-old allegations of sexual harassment that in the end didn’t amount to much. These are the same Jonathan Martin and Politico that aren’t at all interested in a 15-year-old Obama autobiography that we have now learned is full of lies. 

These are bad guys playing for keeps and working with the White House to lay trap after trap for our side.

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